Teva Royer is a police lieutenant in Cayenne who trusts his instincts. Raised in a village in the heart of the Amazon, he survived alone in the jungle for seven months as a child. Empathetic, he feels people: that’s his method. Quite the opposite of Ana Kerjouan, captain of the SRPJ in Nantes, whose phlegm, rigor and patience are known to all. This brilliant 34-year-old cop leads a team of 4 officers in charge of violent crimes. When they meet at Nantes airport, the two cops understand that their collaboration is likely to be laborious. Forty-eight hours after the discovery of the body of Isis Le Cam, daughter of a real-estate tycoon, Teva has been dispatched to France to assist Ana’s team. Imposed on the investigation by the Le Cam family, Teva knows the victim well. He once saved her in French Guiana.